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Ever wanted some cool shit or see some cool shit? Well, here's some cool links I found:

This one tweet that had me and my friends laughing for hours - I need to put this here to remind me of comdey at it's finest. Please enjoy it as much as I did.

QuakeJS - I sometimes play this whenever I'm bored but it's a place where your able to play Quake 3 on your browser! According to the site it's a port of ioquake3 to JavaScript which is really cool. Go check it out!!

The Donut Wolf Wallpapers! - Ever wanted a wallpaper so amazing that god prays for it? Well here it is, the Donut Wolf wallpapers! This is actually why this page exists because I wanted to credit the person who created the website background image. I don't like taking taking things without permission or crediting, that's just rude not to. I Also put this here because I'm a dork for NITW.