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My personal jounral!

Hey! If you're wondering what happened to the blog posts, then I should probably explain what's up. This is stilla blog but now I'm using this for my personal things. It's easier for me to type it here than say an actual journal. It keeps my head clear and I feel the least bit relaxed after typing my feelings! Please remember that some things can be random or really emotional here. If you feel like there's something wrong please don't be shy to check on me!


2/27/20 - Jesus I haven't updated this site in maybe forever? I feel bad about it but school and life got in the way. I think I'm going to take this site more seriously now. I want to advance through this site more, I want to build it bigger and better, one step at a time. I'm going to update this pages like there's no future left for me. I WILL NOT LEAVE MY DREAMS BEHIND!


1/30/20 - I haven't been updating a lot which I feel at fault for. I've been doing other stuff in my own time, like I started playing more Fallout 76 and I've been writing a story! I wanted to posted here when I'm done with MOST of it! I'm going to keep this short but I'm sorry for not updating a lot. I'm not going to leave this site behind.


1/23/20 - I've had a rough day already. My toe hurts for some reason and I'm really sleepy. I can manage though, it happens a lot when you have to wake up really early to get to a 2 hour bus ride. It's Thursday so things should be easy. I have nothing else for some classes so I can enjoy my weekend. Monday is also another day off like this week! I've been dying to have some time for myself without any troubles. I've been playing a lot of Fallout 76. Yeah I know, it's the best Fallout game but I've been having fun lately! I like to search for meds and Chems to sell (usually when I have too many of them I start to sell half of them at my CAMP.) and try to get weapon mods of all sorts. I also like doing the events in the game to get some extra caps and loot. Loot is everything to me, loot is what I worship. It's fun and it's nice to have people who help me on my adventures in the Appalachia. But besides that I've been.. lonely. Most of my friends don't talk to me anymore and I feel really drained from school. I mean I go to a school that's allows me to learn computer programming and tech but I'm just so drained. Maybe things will get better. Maybe not. Who knows?